Amazing Secrets Of A Makeup


A few days before

It begins a few days before the event, cleaning without irritating your skin thoroughly and using a scrub. The help scrub the skin is more uniform. Do not use products or systems that have not used before because you could cause breakouts or irritation.

  • Drink water, it hydrates the skin and makes it brighter
  • If you want to see super cute, at least three days before the event avoiding sugar, white flour and fried. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, lean meats and whole grains.
  • Shave his eyebrows as usual. Do not try new techniques if you have a big event soon.
  • Rehearse your makeup as you can read in our section makeup makeup. If you want super impact test false eyelashes (extensions).

Came the big day:

  • Start by cleaning the skin (without exfoliate). Apply water spray or a cotton ball, let it almost dry naturally and then apply moisturizer. If you go to a party outside on a hot day apply the moisturizer at least 15 minutes before applying makeup.
  • Make sure your lips are moist and slightly also cleaved.
  • If you have any mud or large pimple you can try to de-ice inflame Apply yourself for a few minutes. Top with green concealer applied directly over the red only in a thin layer over your base is normal.
  • Proceed to make up and remember the most important thing is to apply good base if you use it. If you have a beautiful and healthy skin does not necessarily have to apply yourself basis.
  • Make most experts recommend applying no exaggeration “less is more” heavy make-up you will see more of your age and if not properly applied can be outdated. Make-up enhances your beauty but you’re the one who gives life.
  • Smile and stand up straight so your attitude is very pretty and makes you irresistible, look no perfection.

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