5 Tips bulk makeup – continued


Tinted creams are ideal for giving skin tone and uniformity as well as moisturizing, but why pay when you have everything you need at home?

Simply pour a few drops of foundation into your day cream and voila! You can even adjust the level of coverage by changing the amount of foundation. Enjoy more of the active ingredients of your choice in your day cream!

The BB Creams are popular these days. Somewhat the same principle as for the tinted cream, mix a moisturizer that contains SPF and foundation (a larger amount than a tinted cream). Voila!

Combine two mascaras for lashes custom
To achieve the desired effect when applying mascara, it is sometimes impossible to settle for a single product, as it often does that add volume or curl only, or just lie down. So why not combine them? For example, we apply a coat of lengthening mascara, then the second from another volumizing mascara. This will give you a result that is tailored to your needs.

How to remove a stain makeup without having to start later
To avoid having to start your makeup when you are smeared with mascara or eyeliner, just dip a cotton swab in the foundation and remove any excess. Afterwards, roll the swab on the spot to view easily disappear!

Create your gloss yourself inexpensively
No need to spend a fortune on lip gloss. Simply apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly for a glossy effect with the added hydration. For the color, layer the finger touches of lipstick that you will mix to get a look translucent or color the entire surface of the lip (always above the transparent jelly) with a lip liner and blend well.

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