5 Things that damage your skin


Our skin also suffers from many problems due to external agents like the weather but also our eating habits which damage and cause serious health problems and also in our body and skin, so some of this common practice can damage our beauty, this opportunity will give you some beauty tips to prevent damage to your skin.

Undoubtedly one of the most damaging elements in our skin is the cigarette, it not only causes irreparable damage to our health, but also takes away shine to the skin and our hair, also accelerates the oxidation of cells the skin and thus cause the early appearance of wrinkles.

Another of the things that damage your skin is sun bathing, it does considerable damage your skin and the effects of UV rays are cumulative or whether the skin regenerates and repairs the damage done by these rays, but more harmful to the skin cameras are solar artificially sunbathing is more harmful than doing it naturally.

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