You have your home cleanser

home cleanser


Here we show a humble homemade recipe so that you yourself perpetrartelo a cleansing milk, and so economizarte some money because in these times of crisis that we fall for it.

Cleansing Milk
Your ingredients will have to use is a cup of milk and a medium cucumber. Turning to prepare: Licuamos the cucumber and mix with milk.

Applied on the skin with a swab, we clarify a few minutes and then with warm water.

Milk of thyme
In this recipe you will Heat in water bath with a tablespoon of milk with wheat flour and other corn, when the concentrate mixture, increases two tablespoons of thyme extract. Stir and combine the ingredients well.

After cool and well concernientemente aplicartelo, like the other cleansing milk, apply the same way, we act and clarified a few minutes with lukewarm water.

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