Why stress fattening?

stress fattening

Many times you have read or heard comment that “stress fat”. Learn and discover the reasons why the stress incurred on your weight.

Since our metabolism is affected by cortisol, which is a hormone that is created during periods of stress. Obtaining cortisol, rightly designated “stress hormone”, is enhanced when the body feels subjected to a situation of chronic stress, internal or external. This causes a reduction in metabolism impacting weight gain.

For even our brain is affected, because attempts to relieve stress with food, we drive the reward center, for example to eat ice cream or potato chips gives us a sense of satisfaction, but once passed the Indeed, we feel craving more of those foods “that relax us.”

That is why we must know how to handle stress, and stay on the way our emotions encourage our desire to eat, and thus develop skills to help us eat better and avoid gaining those extra kilos that can cause us much damage.

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