What is an illuminating eye?

 illuminating eye


The illuminators eyes, is one of the essential cosmetics on and enhance the eyes. There are so many products and brands and are available in different shades, you must match and buy one suitable for that purpose, we encourage and accentuate our charms.

This application of the product we are obliged to have tried it before to take into account if we rise to allergies and if not, you can come up with a medium hard brush medium under the lower eyelids, insisting that the targets close the temples and on the upper eyelids, under the eyebrows, in areas too close to the temple.

Therefore be applied with the same brush that we have chosen, in a homogeneous, diffuse, so it is natural and not particularly marked.

After application, we give the blusher and we see the depth and breadth of our eyes.

It is very visible effects when applied any illuminator on our skin, especially when it comes to enhancing our eyes, and hides rejuvenates tired of them.

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