What are the most rejuvenating food

rejuvenating food

Having a proper diet can be a great anti-aging therapy if we give a little more attention to the foods we eat every day. What if you knew, eat fewer calories in the diet greatly influences longevity, and thus the Mediterranean diet is the basis of antiaging food.

That’s why we maintain the good condition of the skin and always look beautiful in addition to using creams and protect us from the sun, we should follow a power anti-aging, in which we include the best selection of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants assets. As we will show you below:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids have a protective action on all the fundamental cell membranes. Prevents cholesterol, improves the immune system and is present in dairy products, nuts and oily fish.
  • Silicon is important in the biosynthesis of collagen. Its deficiency produces stretch marks and premature aging. Consúmelo in green vegetables, seed husks, onions and nuts.
  • Vitamin C acts on the collagen (protein that constitutes the skin tissue and provides support). The’ll find raw cabbage, fresh parsley, pepper oil, kiwi, strawberries and citrus.
  • Vitamin E is the most potent antioxidant to protect your skin. It is present in vegetable oils in the germ of whole grains and almonds.

But to improve the food we take into account the oral cosmetics, as modern life often prevents us from eating a balanced diet. Since these supplements in capsules or tablets containing antioxidants and trace elements, and to see their results should continue treatment for at least three months.

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