Tips to perfume properly


The perfumes that exist today are delightful aromas to the nose in some cases are noteworthy for more than one, so you know who owns that smell. However, women are more concerned with the issue of choice of perfume is not just right there, but after this the decision of where to place the fragrance stay longer in the body.

Since in the case of women do not use 1 or 2 perfumes, there are many cases where they have a scent for every week or every occasion, it all depends on what you want to transmit.

However, we must make to the smell of fragrances as our bodies do not leave immediately hechado underworld, but there are some simple secrets that you have to consider, whether you are male or female, to make more durable the smell of our perfume:

  • There are certain points of the body where the smell permeates much longer than anywhere in the body, these areas are where the blood beats, or where you feel your pulse, these sites may be the wrists and behind wrists.
  • Another tip is to put perfume on wetlands, whether the neck, back of knees, neck (in the case of women), the kidney area, the navel, behind the earlobe, between other points. In such areas all fall off a bit of sweat, if you put a bit of perfume there will achieve it falls off the fragrance of the perfume that we used.
  • It’s a good idea to also put the fragrance in your hair. EYE with this advice, it is recommended that you apply directly because you can abuse, spray a little perfume on your brush and wait until it dries, the smell will stay on the comb and when worn on the hair that will permeate the odor.

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