Tips for oily skin before using makeup



Have an oily skin is too complicated to makeup, and by more than feign the glow of your skin, this is revealed after a while surfacing shining like a mirror, this may be due to improper moisturizers you use methods for the type skin you have. But one advantage of having this type of skin is showing no signs of aging quickly like other skin types, but the disadvantage is that a oily skin are more likely to fill you the face of pimples and blackheads in its Most are difficult to hide.

The major challenge for cosmetology in this skin type is to be the most appropriate and fail to be natural it is necessary to treat the skin before using makeup, which is elemental apply a tonic astringent and then a lightweight day cream for combination skin smooth, it’s good moisturize daily. If you use an alpha hydroxy cream as a treatment for this problem, you should use sun protection since the skin is more exposed and sensitive to sunlight.

For right or perfect makeup for this to skin tone product must contain not contain much oil as this will help brighten the complexion and is not recommended at all, it is not okay to use makeup that contains alcohol because it tends to remove the oil natural skin causing it to produce more.

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