Tips for eye makeup

eye makeup

As we know the make miracles conceived, is a reality. That any woman get to experience thousands of tricks to keep on hand just eyeliner, mascara and some shadows. A miracle that makeup does is change the shape of the eyes.

Since our eyes can see more nearby if they are away and vice versa if they are spherical and slanted more grown if they are small. It all depends on what each woman has ambitions to obtain, and achieved through a subtle play of light and shadow. The important thing is to have hand-colored shadows, dark and some light. Also, if necessary a liner and a mask.

Some tricks you can perform are:

Wide-set eyes: Make them appear closer together to apply dark shadow in the inner upper eyelid and lighter shade on the upper eyelid. It is not advisable to place pearlescent colors. The idea is to soften up the dark shadow under the brow, a light shade.

Round eyes: Elongated look more slanted or have to draw a fine line out. In this case, the lighter shade is placed in the upper eyelid and shade the lower eyelid to lengthen the dark outside.

Eyes together:look further apart is to emphasize the outer corner of eye. The light colors are applied on the inside of the eyelid and the most intense abroad.

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