The nail polish semi-permanent

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When you like to have kept hands and varnished, we see a very dim view of the varnish flaking immediately after installation. But forget all these troubles! Today marks nail polish offer an innovation: the varnish semi-permanent. The semi-permanent coating is a varnish that is applied in a conventional manner, but with acrylic gel formula allows a record duration of three weeks! Cosmo tells you more about this revolutionary product…

To have a perfect manicure that lasts more than two weeks ago the fake nails. But end up with bits of resins at your fingertips, it’s not always pleasant, and it is especially difficult to remove without damaging the nail. Fortunately, for some time brands of nail polish compete inventiveness to find an alternative: the semi-permanent coating.

The varnish semi-permanent Kesako? It is a polish formula gel acrylic and texture that is less fluid than traditional varnish. It applies like a traditional varnish, but is between each layer (of base coat, colored varnish and top coat) passing under a UV lamp for about twenty seconds.

You can choose a semi-permanent nail nude for a french manicure neat, or a semi-permanent nail color, to bring some color into your life!

The result? A manicure perfect, shiny and holds up to three weeks! By the end of the exposure, the varnish is dry and solid. Do not be afraid to rummage in your bag: the varnish will not be damaged, nor flake. A true miracle!

Ideal if you do not change regularly polish color or if you want to go on vacation without having to make retouching varnish! The varnish is flaking that after twenty days, and only the regrowth of natural nail will disturb your perfectly manicured nails.

Many brands offer this type of polish: OPI, Nailic, Shellac … What to do in a salon ask for best results!

To remove the varnish semi-permanent, nothing is easier! You can have this done in a salon or at home thanks to the twists of solvent. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, and will remove the varnish at once, like a sticker.

And varnish semi-permanent home, is it possible? Some brands now develop formulas gel varnish to ask at home, like a traditional varnish, but lasts up to two weeks. So you can discover in March in the collection “one second” Bourjois : varnish gel that apply a brush stroke and dry quickly .

At Cosmo we can not wait to test the semi-permanent polish on our toes! The ideal summer when to get out the sandals.

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