The fastest way to repair defects of your face


Do you feel that your skin is dull, or dry, or full of spots, or affected by climate change? Here’s the treatments to make the skin beautiful and bright as quickly as possible.

Peeling of the face to make the skin bright and tight and free of congestion.

Begin the process of peeling a quick clean up of the face for his coverage of alcohol and then a fairness essential to rid the skin of the barrier fatty. Followed by a peeling process extends 8 minutes using a normal acids.

This assumes that the peel removes the dead cells in the skin and reduces the appearance of pimples and black inflamed pores and wrinkles. After the completion of exfoliation, facial mask is to demonstrate disinfectant and covered by the cream then moisturizer.

The result is then in the skin smooth and bright and pure.

Mask remade for young people
This mask to hide wrinkles and make skin great. It is based on the active amino acids that increase the moisture in the face by 38 percent and feed the skin, zinc, magnesium, potassium and vitamins.

After the completion of this mask, simplifies the capsules on the face of anti-oxidants, to massage the skin, and aromatic oils in order to remove the tension and hide wrinkles. It must finally clean the face well and wet as it should. Then the skin becomes soft and full of smaller and at least ten years.

Refreshing mask for the skin
This mask works to tighten the skin and fill and Tmlessha. After cleaning the skin and peeling, the face covered with muslin cloth and then hold gel to pass through the gauze Electric in order to prepare skin to receive doses of vitamins.

Then, massage the face to be covered by the mask and then clay and then a rubber mask before the extension of a lot of moisturizing cream on it. Supposed to become a full facial skin then, especially around the eyes.

Diluted to mask redness of the face
This mask soothes red spots and remove all signs of tension and stress seems really great skin. The specialist cosmetic facial massage first and then clean it by Mmtehr mask.

After which the use of technology disposal plant phyto-drainage before the extension of cream on the eyes and lips in order to nutrition.

Then the skin becomes soft, clean and free of any redness.

Radiance Mask
This mask works to make the skin bright and smooth and soft. Already the first Cosmetic specialists to rid the skin of coarse pores without pain, to the then Pkhtha microscopically: the face covered with aluminum oxide crystals to get rid completely of all the dead cells.

It must then make lymphatic drainage massage and the extension of clay mask before feeding a lot of facial moisturizer. Then the skin becomes completely free of flaws, brilliant in a way remarkably.


Steam Bath and lymphatic drainage
This method differs significantly from the traditional routine of cleaning and activation and hydration. Indeed, facial skin is exposed to herbal steam before peeling and removing the dirt and impurities.

Mixed with a specialist cosmetic after a number of essential oils suitable for the type of skin on the face and Abstha the adoption of true massage to drain the lymphatic glands, which makes you feel Ms. Tam recovery. Assumes that the skin becomes smooth as silk after that full and fairly.

Pay attention to your eye makeup
May suggest small eyes boyhood permanent, and this is an aesthetic task. But the ring form (Corpuscular) may seem less attractive than almond shaped eyes, if misused, or selection of colors make-up, which throws up.

If you want to expand your outlook and give your eyes a form attractive to draw a line upper lashes by Kohl took into account the water and take off the line from the center of the eyelid in the direction of external corner of the eye.

Tip: Do not Tsmy Balaaleiner broad line because it minimizes the eye rather than extends. After selecting SHOW eye lashes using black mascara, and it strikes fast tend in the direction of external corner of the eye. Ktvi upper and lower lashes at the outer edge of the eye, giving it “angina” beautiful.

And do not forget that used a bright light and shadows, especially type Almottagzh bright or dark colors because the increase of dark eye makeup and the amortized them lend them the deadlock and sadness.

Abdoy first distribution of the shadows at amortized mobile eyelid and add sparkle to it when you fold the eye and brow under the paint.

Studied skin care
If you feel that you were unaware of how to care for your skin my approach to an expert in this area to teach you care assets. And ask them also to undergo this treatment cleanser for the face.

Is first clean the face twice by steam, to remove the tension then all the points of sensitive and dry. Then comes the stage of peeling the face and rubbed creams nutrients. Then become skin clean and radiant in a manner remarkably.

Treatment of tension remover
If you feel a lot of tension, put your feet in a tub full of hot water mixed with sage extract. Then you will feel great satisfaction.

You can keep your feet in hot water up to two hours to relax and get rid of all sources of tension. You can then use brushes made of goat hair natural because it is ideal to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Will you feel then that the stress levels down a lot for you and your skin became radiant.

Mask freshness and fullness
If you are in need of some pampering, my approach to specialist beauty center treatments aromatic. The specialists there massaging the muscles of your back and relax your head to give you the necessary materials before cleaning the face mask and mitigate natural moisturizer. Will then feel that your skin has become soft and full, which gives you happiness.

Facial massage to drain lymph glands
This massage is supposed to give you full and radiant skin and ultra-soft so that it looks like the face and underwent a miraculous cure.

The first subject specialist cosmetic facial exercises for some relaxants and a little fat from the essential oils under the nose to give women a sense of recovery.

Hair is then wrapped with a towel to focus the work in the area of the face only. Thus, the face is cleaned, and then peel mask before the extension of disinfectant. After that comes a massage to drain the lymphatic glands.

After the massage, it is essential moisturizing facial serum forces and rubbed creams which give sparkle and freshness. Then it becomes your face ready to participate in the biggest concerts and events.

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