Ten Commandments of beautiful women!!

beautiful women

Want every woman in the world regardless of the class age group or social level that looks beautiful, Tallet attractive always attend to the remarkable attention at all times, but how come in the light of the many factors and multiple causes that lead to aging in the present time, where we find some women more disquieting to a surgical procedure in order to preserve their beauty and their backs are beautiful and remarkable attention to the wonders of their husbands.

On the other hand fear of women from a cosmetic surgery that come the results harmful to their skin, while others have a broad area of women, they are looking for products and natural organic matter, or those made from organic materials produced by our natural environment as well as to prepare them home remedies, inexpensive, and non-harmful Skin.

In spite of that, women face an obstacle in such matters as the organic products and natural are often few and rare and becoming obtained is very difficult, and the home remedies, all women are not equal in terms of the availability of sufficient time, which enables them to prepare these recipes to use them in the long term.

So we find women Thmln in these aspects due to time constraints or have the rarity of these natural materials and not available in their hands enough.

If our numbers things that harm the skin of women, we will find the first of these things, women are exposed to hot sun for long periods, which eventually leads to death of skin cells and the appearance of signs of aging and aging on women in ill-timed, but that does not stop at all the rays of the sun useful to the human body but to the extent reasonable.

All need to skin exposure to sunlight but without extravagance as is reasonable so as not to lead to skin damage and damage to private and sensitive skin of women more than men so the skin exposed to sunlight harm her skin more than the man.

beautiful women

Now we will give you Madam Ten Commandments that increase the beauty:

1 – Be balanced in your exposure to the sun in the winter:
Limit the amount that you wanted from the sun ultraviolet because it is as we have explained previously that the large amount of these rays damage your skin and in the other hand, your skin needs as much as balanced of these rays, and Ahtersa of rumors false that a lot of sunlight in winter is useful, although the urgent need for your body to the rays of the sun in the winter but that many have put you hurt your skin.
2 – Avoid olfactory rays in the middle of the day:
Sunlight be acute in the period between the hours of eleven am to three o’clock in the afternoon, so avoid direct exposure to it during this period, especially in the summer because they are vertical.
3 – Take care of meal food:
Third commandment to you, Madam, if you want to be part of those around you from the beautiful children of sex is that good care, nutritional meal, Frckza on foods that give you energy and vitality, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.
4 – Vitamin C:
Try you will make a good meal and the food is rich in foods that contain this vitamin because vitamin resists wrinkles and fights aging Examples of foods that where there are cabbage, oranges.
5 – lycopene:
“Lycopene” and there is this element in some foods such as carrots, melons, tomatoes, a substance that helps your skin to retain Benahumicha, as research has demonstrated recently that this element improves the structure of your skin, so try to eat vegetables and fruits that contain this element is fresh.
6 – Isoflavones:
A substance that helps to stabilize the collagen useful for your skin is located in the soy milk, it is known that this element is fighting wrinkles and protects against the sun’s harmful rays.
7 – Omega-3:
And almost all women do not need to know the many benefits offered by omega-3 to her skin because it is anti-oxidant which are found in abundance in tuna, salmon and sardines, which will make your skin a vibrant youth.
8 – Green Tea:
If you want to drink hot Vtjunba caffeine, coffee and other beverages that do not need them and eat them instead of green tea is useful for your skin and which will Petrtab your body and protect you from skin cancer.
9 – avocado fruits:
On the other hand, even complete your beauty, you also need to take care of your hair, so are the fruits of avocado is very useful to them Vokthrey protect your hair and give it the beauty that it deserves.
10 – shampoo after bathing:
After bathing the hair is in its weakest, so do not try to Tmsheih coarse towel, but add a shampoo and then a national, even wiping you keep the strength of your hair.

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