Slim hips

Slim hips

Your number one resort by far? Your hips. Want to see them melt away like snow as they weigh you … If miracles do not exist, do not worry: losing hips or reduce your love handles, since this is what we are talking about, is the realm of possibility. Cosmo lists all the tips and tricks you need to lose weight fast hips. Go!

By the way, do you know exactly where are the hips?

The hip is a joint that connects the thigh to the pelvis.

Specifically, on your body, the hip is located just above the pelvis.

To help you locate your hips, think about love handles: these fat deposits are placed right in the hips.

How to lose hip?

In terms of thinning as in many areas, there is no secret.

Slim hips is possible, when:

  • You watch what you eat
  • You play sports regularly
  • Sports that allow loose hips

    To lose the hips, you must choose a sport that you can make your muscles without volume, on the one hand, and choose exercises localized. Example, you can work your abs in the gym doing: having a stomach tonic and muscular will have a relevant impact in the weight loss of love handles. To do this, choose for example: – gymnastics – the hoola-hoop – swimming, only crawl

    Some exercises to do at home to slim hips and lose love handles

    Exercise No. 1 to lose hips:

    • lying on the ground and on the side, stretch your legs
    • lift your upper leg. The knee should not be dropped
    • Repeat the exercise 10 times a series of three on each side Exercise 2 to lose hips: – put your hands and knees, resting on hands, arms outstretched – lift one of both legs at 90 ° to the side – repeat three series of 10 movements per side.

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