Scrubs for your skin



If you scrub? “The most convenient is that every day when you shower you used a product is not very aggressive with the skin, but serve to remove dead cells gradually, steadily, which as you know is most important in items of beauty.

So I’ve made the search for scrubs perfect and these are some I found:

The landlord.

  • It is best. Mix in a little boat salt and sugar. Every morning in the shower depositais a bit on the hand and the skin frotais with shower gel. For a time it was my product home Beauty.

    The fruity.

  • In addition to exfoliate our skin leave us a pleasant aroma. This type of peel you recommend for use once a week and not everyday. For example, on Sunday, a perfect day to get carried away by the pleasures of taking care.

    He that endures.

  • It takes many years on the market, but certainly not lost its effectiveness. L’Oreal Exfotonic. Contains AHA, known to promote cell renewal. Its formula with exfoliating micro-beads remove dead skin cells refines skin texture to restore smoothness and radiance. In addition he get a tonic effect exfoliate, leaving skin much smoother.

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