Relaxation exercises for sleeping

Relaxation exercises

Realize ourselves an exercise routine to relax before taking a nap or sleep schedule helps us sleep and soothes the stresses of the day.

Daily stress added to the inability to disconnect from the daily routine at the time of seeking rest, results in insomnia or wake up with pain in our body.

That’s why large numbers of people resort to drugs to get a pleasant rest, other applied recipes of our grandmothers as a glass of milk before bed or a herbal tea, but the truth is that in one way or another most people need extra help to bedtime.

For if we have a bad night cost us much more to start the new day if we rested wrong and this situation if not cured it becomes a vicious circle, which becomes a general uneasiness. Since this discomfort will eventually radiated in all aspects of our life, humor is not the same, or concentration not to speak of performance, both intellectual and physical, disturbing our family and work relationships.

To counter this evil that always afflict older people it is best to practice relaxation exercises before bed:

Exercise 1: Mouth on the floor cross-legged, like a monk in concentration and leaned his elbows on knees, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing for 5 minutes. With this position it begins the process of relaxation.

Exercise 2: importuning in the same position, we collapse the trunk forward, keeping this position with the head relaxed for a few seconds, slowly returning to the starting position. Do 4 reps.

Exercise 3: In the same position, place your legs straight, taking a deep breath trying to reach the toes, slowly releasing the air and back to relax.

Exercise 4: Finally, sitting on a cushion, his back straight, roll a small ball of the foot. Do 5 minutes on each foot to achieve total relaxation.

And you will see that over time, physical energy is declining gradually, although coming from the interior is permissibly balanced emotionally immense, almost inexhaustible. The aim of the relaxation exercises is precisely align our health, finding mechanisms that act to eliminate stress.

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