Plucking Eyebrows


Like plucking eyebrows

Plucking eyebrows is an art and it is better to go to a salon for depilen you correctly.

It is said that Jennifer Lopez and Oprah always use the same person to fix their eyebrows, this person is Anasthasia Soares and sometimes they take it from one city to another and pay for the work day and passages, in other words plucking eyebrows they cost several thousand dollars. Why spend so much? Because they are public figures and can not tolerate someone to change the shape of the eyebrows and may look different or wrong.

Likewise it is advisable for the rest of us look for someone who is reputable giving the correct way to eyebrows and this can take time but worth it.

If you save can go to tweeze eyebrows three times a year and maintain them yourself with the clip the rest of the time following the professional way that gave them the first time.

Depilandote eyebrows at home.

At home you can pluck your eyebrows using tweezers and scissors eyebrow. Remember it is preferable to leave extra or long hair to pull over the account or cut very small. The super thin eyebrows are usually not the best for most women especially after 35.

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