Plastic Surgery: A few numbers

Plastic Surgery

Not all Hollywood celebrities admit that they owe their flawless appearance to a large part of plastic surgery. We are thinking only of Nicole Kidman’s forehead and wrinkle-free Demi Moore’s amazing breasts. But more and more “normal people” put on plastic surgery, if they want to get rid of wrinkles or dream of a breast augmentation.

We have made us smart for you and compiled Which Eder surgery plastic surgery in women and men are most popular and what they cost.

Beauty Surgery in Germany are not recorded centrally. Interference figures can therefore only be estimated,” says Dr. Sven from Saldern, president of the DGAPC (German Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

In 2011 in Germany, around 1.1 million women and men can make an aesthetic plastic treatment -. Of Botox injections as small treatments seeking to major surgery as seeking breast surgery One in five people who opt for cosmetic surgery, is a man, and more than 30 percent of men and women are between 18 and 30 years old.

Since there is no central registry for plastic surgery, the patient DGAPC conducts at annual survey by using anonymous data. The result of the 2011 patient survey can be found in our top ten most popular men in women and cosmetic surgery.

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