Permanent hair removal: Laser or IPL?


The permanent hair removal, definition

Unlike waxing hot, the cold waxing, shaving, electric epilator or depilatory creams, permanent hair removal removes hair permanently. To do this, it “burns” the root of hair and destroys the bulb: the hair can not regrow.

The different methods of permanent hair removal

There are currently two permanent hair removal methods: laser hair removal and electrolysis. Hair removal pulsed light, meanwhile, is considered a semi-permanent hair removal. – Laser hair removal laser is a medical device whose tuning, depending on skin and hair of each patient is the guarantor of effective treatment. These settings are only a physician is authorized to practice laser hair removal! Technically diffuse the laser light that destroys the hair pigment, called melanin, and removes the hair at its root. The laser can permanently eradicate about 80% of hairs, hence the name of definitive depilation.


Hair removal with intense pulsed light

Hair removal with pulsed light is performed using a “flash lamp” which dispenses with intense pulsed light. This light reduces up to 90% of the hair by destroying the melanin the pigment of the hair. This is a semi final: the hair grows back after 2 to 3 years.


This is the oldest of these three methods final. It is very painful and is done hair by hair…

The permanent hair removal at home

Last but not least, more and more brands offering permanent hair removal devices for use at home, for a result largely cheaper than institute. Side result, however, nothing beats the expertise of an esthetician or dermatologist.

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