Neckline looks better



A charming one of the most enchanting areas of our body is the neck, but these depend largely on proper application of certain creams to tone and moisturize our nipples, the daily use of cosmetics is essential and important, as it if you follow these simple tips will improve the appearance of this sensitive part of your body:

Choose a neckline that enhances: If you have a small chest, neck adopts a “halter” (tied behind the neck). But if your chest is large, the neck “word of honor” or “bathtub” will serve to lift the chest so you can wear a beautiful neckline.

Performs weekly exfoliation: choose gentle products, which will always be better than a mitt to avoid damaging this delicate area.

Upright posture: Keep yourself always right if you work sitting down, and try to walk straight. If you favor turns back the fall of the chest.

Massage creams to apply: Using the palm of your hand against the upper chest to massage beam isolations always ascending from the neck to the collarbone.

Resguardalo the sun: Women always tend to protect the face, but in rare times we forget the neck and chest. Since the end result is the repulsive appearance of spots and freckles. If you already have appeared you can remove with the help of cosmetic skin lightening or laser treatments.

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