Natural treatment for hair

treatment for hair

Excess dye can ruin your hair. But with natural products, and super insurance plan put in place to rescue the health of your hair. So here are some beauty tips to help you achieve:

Natural softener:
Just normal washing and rinsing, use a little vein of vinegar until distribute through hair. This simple trick will give a special glow.

Then let stand for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with plain water.

This treatment is much less mild detergent and shampoo if you are to add a few drops of jojoba oil and cream rinse after a few drops of rosehip oil or avocado.

Extra-bath moisturizing cream
To achieve these immediate results, mix two tablespoons of cream rinse with two of olive and lemon juice. Put it all around the hair and left to operate for forty minutes. Comb several times up and down (avoid massaging) so that the scales are closed hair and hair look healthier.

Remove with water with lemon.

You have a very fine and weak hair, and employ one or two times a week a bath of cream, it is helpful to add comforting blisters and cut the ends every thirty days. It is essential that you follow these steps because its current ratio not resist development that involves a burden to their weakened roots.

But if your hair is thick and dehydrated during the summer, distributing the conditioner from roots to ends. In this case, if it is necessary to trim the ends, not essential as above, and which is usually not as noticeable the effect of sun and salt water or chlorine.

Regardless, it is necessary, as in any case, prevent the flowering of the points that, in advance, you can reach the roots and cause his downfall. Oils sold in health food stores, health food or drug houses, also combined with the cream rinse, are very effective when trying to restore lost moisture.

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