Natural recipes for acne

Natural recipes


And like most women know, at some moment of our lives on our skin pimples arise, either during adolescence, pregnancy, or against persistent hormonal changes typical female, is that we raised a strong healthy infusions that help to remove naturally.

Infusion I
We need to offer this 25 grams of thyme and water as thyme is a valuable antiseptic can be used for washing and disinfecting areas with granite, the infusion should be prepared well loaded with flowers and leaves of thyme and then washed or put make compresses for 5 minutes in the most compromised.

Infusion II
Need for this infusion, 50 grams of parsley and water, we will make the parsley infusion, leaving it to infuse 15 minutes, then apply warm 15 minutes on the affected area, it helps to clean grease from the pores and desinflamando disinfecting the skin.

Infusion III
Need 30 grams of kapok tree bark, 50 g of horsetail, and 30 grams of mercury, it must be prepared by boiling the herbs for 5 minutes in two quarts of water, then filter and bottle. To use warm fomentations should be applied in areas affected by acne or pimples which is present at night and then proceed to wash the area with a mild disinfectant.

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