Nail polish: polish colors tend

Nail polish


There are so many colors of nail polish different it is difficult to make a choice. A classic red lacquer, varnish nude, semi permanent or a cracked glaze? What color polish trend of winter? And what will be the nail in the spring or take the summer? Come take a look at different collections polish trend: OPI, Essie, Chanel, Dior, and China Glaze Mavala have not finished your dreams. Discover the selection of Cosmo nail polish trend of the moment.

Nail polish

We never quite nail polish. And you know why? Because like mode, there are trends and new collections coming out constantly. The nail polish trend of the summer will not be necessarily for the winter! And brands of nail polish are a perverse pleasure out of polish collections for fall, winter, spring and summer!

So Cosmo, you made a selection of all the colors of varnishes trend.

Whether at OPI, Essie, Chanel, Dior, Mavala or China Glaze , each brand of nail polish offers his version of the color trend of the moment. You will find in this file all nail polish trends of the moment and an overview future trends! You will first of all the news and you will know what to buy varnish!

Craquerez you to the crackle nail polish or nail polish nude? For the semi permanent varnish ? Or are you rather rainbow manicure?

Buffs nail art inevitably find their happiness among the various trends of nail polish. Have your manicure successful and trendy!

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