Moisturizing cream extracts gold .. After running out of markets put directly

Moisturizing cream

Gold back again to the fore, but the uproar around him nothing to do with its price volatility or jewelery or watches, but moisturizing cream is said to be made of its conclusions and is equal to its weight in gold.

This is known as Holy as «Haedraishn Gold» Hydration Gold and estimated price of a bottle the size of 15 ml to 39 pounds, but the problem does not lie in its price, but in the depletion of Goods «Boots» the British, and in the early hours of its release, the company says that the list of long waiting than the 5000 from Almtlhvat to get it and what was the promise of skin fresh and young.

Magic of this product, say beauty experts and industry, due primarily to the extracts gold, which covers 23 carats of pure gold, and would delay the march of years and give the skin brighter and brighter from the moment that is distributed in the manner, in addition to contain a substance hyaluronic acid, which is available in the body naturally and helps to wet, making it a vital and Nadia, without forgetting that the gold particles also help to motivate and stimulate collagen, a material very important to maintain skin elasticity and cohesiveness.

Moisturizing cream

That the proportion of collagen than gradually over the years, anything that would stimulate the production required in the world of cosmetics and beauty.

Although the benefits of gold on the skin is not new, by virtue of the scientists sang previously in its ability to reduce acne and dark circles under the eyes and other impurities, and the legend says that Cleopatra had used a mask of gold on her face at night, but new to this product Matrouh at a reasonable price to some extent. It is within the reach of any majority, if not all, compared to the other.

Until recently there was a lot of products that enter the feed address the rare and exotic products such as certain segments of «La Prairie» which it enters in some diamonds, pearls or caviar or a «de cream of the Prince» and so on.

Now succeeded Goods «Boots» in the democratization of beauty and made it to all, on the condition that there is no long wait, it should be noted scientists tried to adapt the long gold and make it viable material to penetrate into the skin but it has not been easy so far.

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