Masks for eyelashes



Little time ago was thought that the ideal mask of tabs is that provided volume, elongation, curvature and long duration at once. But now the masks are authentic beauty treatments as well as beautify, nourish and strengthen lashes. Here are the best tricks to make them up.

Diorshow360 is a new mascara with a rotating brush to get most elegant lashes more volume and length curves. This treatment is an effective product for high-tech revolution, in which a rotating device joins an unprecedented spiral brush that lets you apply the mask in a straight motion, spiral or zigzag. The cream is enriched with microcrystalline molding that make it more flexible and allows a perfect distribution.

Since we can get the tabs have always wanted, thick, curly, as if they were made up and wear without mask. Simply concibiendoles staining in the permanent and have a look seductive and very natural with minimal effort. These treatments are especially recommended for very straight eyelashes, without form or impoverished, and the effects last about a month.

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