Mask acne potatoes


There are many natural remedies for acne depends on skin type and acne you have. Since you are not having to hand over these natural remedies. As potatoes, lemon juice because they contain both a good effect to lower the fat of the skin as an astringent to display two features perfect for removing acne and preclude its future appearance.

So with the two mixtures can produce a mask.

So we show in a homemade recipe that uses simple, natural ingredients that do not have to look too closely to buy because we have daily at home. So you just have to follow the mode is drawn up and ready.


  • Two potatoes
  • The juice of one lemon
  • Some water

We have to boil the peel two potatoes taking them until well cooked.

And make them a very thick puree. Then added lemon juice and mix well.

If unavoidable, also adds a little water. A mask should fit nice and smooth with no lumps and is handled well.

Soon you will no longer be applied on your face or you want to clean up those areas of grain and leave for 20, 30 minutes. You will see that using two or three times a week will have a good astringent on your skin.

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