Manicure “Antiaging”

Manicure "Antiaging"  Manicure "Antiaging"

Remedy caused gluts on our skin and hands as early aging in many cases, is the main objective of this revolutionary treatment.

The skin area that lies in our hands is very fragile, dryness, dehydration, loss of consistency in the tissues and stains are the most common problems to those facing this area of our body over time.

Also, nails also break down but are addressed properly and continuously may have abnormalities such as excessive weakness, yellowing or delay in his uniform development.

Drugs working method “antiaging Nails Bar” are all active anti-aging properties:

  • Oil sapphire.
  • Derivatives of silicon: firming, encourages the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Wheat Germ, trace elements and plant sunflower oil, rich in vitamin C, holding the water loss in the skin, prevent the ceramics in their layers or strata, and reinforce what we call “intercellular cement”.

This treatment consists in using advanced cosmetic ingredients mentioned above. Once applied as moisturizing creams and masks performing a manicure.

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