Kylie Minogue Perfume Pink Sparkle POPKylie Minogue Perfume Pink Sparkle POP


As the undisputed princess of pop Kylie Minogue has dazzling star quality. With her magnetic personality, her radiant aura and her irresistible smile, she brightens every scene. Kylie’s playful exuberance and vitality are now trapped in her new fragrance.

Kylie Minogue Pink Sparkle POP, a fantastic color cocktail takes the collected properly with joie de vivre of the original fragrance Pink Sparkle to ride. Inspired by the pop diva, the floral-woody fragrance is ebullient, vivacious and energetic. To wear it is when you leave the cork of a bottle of champagne popping, to clink glasses with Kylie on life.

“The inspiration for Pink Sparkle POP for me was life itself,” said Kylie. “I wanted a fun-loving fragrance, with which they feel good and celebrate the joy of life. I wear it whenever I feel like a real energy and happiness kick. It’s the perfect scent in order to remember that life is full of possibilities. Enjoy it! ”

Pink Sparkle POP: modern, eccentric and utterly glamorous – a fragrance adventure with a spicy red pepper and fascinating notes of fresh, sweet accents of crisp apple and white peach. The floral heart of the fragrance it owes its wonderful vitality that comes in light, airy notes of Bulgarian rose with a delicate hint of gardenia and flowers of the tiare advantage. Rounding out the experience including with the warm, sensual and woody base of musk, sandalwood and Ambrose.

Creation is exceptionally stimulating and creates a feeling of vitality and well-being.

Presented is the wonderfully feminine fragrance in an elegant, lush, round bottle, the bottle is reminiscent of the original Pink Sparkle fragrance. Its round shape and the wire filigree pattern around the neck of the bottle reminiscent of champagne glasses and cork and to reveal another source of inspiration: the sparkling drink that should be on every party.

The cap with its unusual wire frame is shaped like a classic champagne corks. Ultra Modern, he has the unusual and elegant silver coloring. The liquid inside the bottle fascinated in a bright, girlish pink – so the bottle an indispensable accessory.

The upper and lower sides of the elegant, high-quality boxes are kept in bright, feminine pink. They thus form a playful contrast to the elegant white packaging. Here is a bubbly, effervescent explosion of pink bubbles makes for a lively touch. The name of the perfume will appear in pink-black stamp on the box, it reflects the word “POP” in the background in large, pale pink letters.

In the striking print ad for Pink Sparkle POP Kylie brings the joy and pulsating dynamics of this fragrance to life. On the recording she sits casually leaning against a stack of crates of champagne, which included her new eau de toilette.

Kylie is wearing a strapless evening dress in pale pink, which is color coordinated with the pink background. She looks playfully at the camera as if to invite the viewer with her to celebrate the joy of life. In the foreground, the sparkle of a bottle of Pink Sparkle POP.

Kylie Minogue Pink Sparkle POP is a tribute to life itself bright, full of energy and temperament; this is the fragrance for women who enjoy their lives.

Sparkling, floral and woody: the new, live happy and playful fragrance Kylie Minogue Pink Sparkle POP is available as a limited edition. It’s time to celebrate life!

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