Katy Perry is now selling false eyelashes

Katy Perry

The pop singer arrived on Wednesday to a famous commercial center of the city of Glendale, California, in a blue convertible and wearing a dress and shoes to match the car to the presentation of his new collection of false eyelashes.

A few hours before katy had chosen to share with his followers in Twitter his enthusiasm for his new project.

” Today is still a great day. My new single, ‘Part Of Me’ debuted at number 1, and I can not wait to introduce my new line of tabs. See you at The Americana at 4!” Published.

The designs of the artist and can be purchased at the website of the famous chain of perfumeries ULTA, whose spokesman said in a statement that the collection reflects the” personal style” of the flamboyant star.

”katy , as a lover of false eyelashes, had a very clear idea of what I wanted to achieve and was involved in all stages of the process. We wanted to create a line that was like an extension of Katy’s personal style, ”said the press release.

This is not, however, the first venture outside Katy’s music scene. The singer has already released two perfumes market, and last year became the world’s image of ‘ghd’, a famous brand of products for hair care.

”katy is an icon of modern fashion. Their styles change constantly and cause the admiration of all lovers of fashion. Fully represent the spirit of our firm, as it is an artist who is not afraid to innovate and take risks in their style. Katy is sexy and has an original style and fresh, making it the perfect partner for our brand,” said Paul Stoneham, president of the company.

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