How to prevent and remove calluses on your feet

prevent and remove


As we know corns is a layer of hard skin that forms because of excess pressure in any part of the foot or other body part.

As these can be troublesome, so there are different treatments you can do to stop annoying and so eliminate or improve them.

If you are a person who has calluses and have diabetes see a podiatrist is best not to risk for infections and treating them at home.

The main causes of corns are:

  • Lack of socks at a time when we exercise.
  • Poor posture.
  • Footwear inappropriate.
  • The body is not kept in a balanced way.
  • Deformation of bones.

So you are some treatments that can remove corns:

  • Use more appropriate or comfortable shoes to eliminate the friction that caused the callus; also be used sponges or pads in shoes.
  • There are many creams very useful for removing calluses that usually work very well, is very important to follow package directions rather than risk burns.
  • Foot or limes Pomes stones are very useful for small corns and calluses prevention somewhat larger. The best of this would have a kind of routine can be a kind of treatment, and use after a bath or before bedtime, and then apply moisturizing creams or oils.

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