How to care your hair long

hair long

A major weapon of feminine seduction is our long hair. No matter if it’s wavy or straight, black or red, as is always the perfect setting for the molding of our face, hence the hierarchy of care, especially if this is long. No matter the weather or the season, having perfect hair and gleaming eyes assure us and the admiration of all that gentleman gets in your way.

Having a healthy long hair can cause the envy of many of our friends, as yet, keep it involves an extra cost and special care every day.

Despite this drawback, there are some guidelines that followed step by step, along with little investment.

First of all know the bottom line is that to preserve your hair should not wash it often. Daily washing not only dry scalp but weakens the fibers and makes them brittle. Instead, a pungent washed using a shampoo and conditioner-specific for the type of hair-twice a week is ideal.

Do not forget that the drying of it is very significant, always taking care not to twist it wet. Preferably be used an absorbent towel and avoid staying in the head a long time. It is recommended that our hair is dry time, and thus retains a natural glow.

Always apply a moisturizer and then drying the towel to prevent drying of the environment. Avoid, if possible, use dryers, irons and styling product they cause dryness of the alcohol content.

Passing and condition the hair with nourishing mask once a week and rub your hair with care and dedication will ensure that you develop healthy and shiny. Limit the use of certain types of accessories such as metal hooks pressure will also help grow strong and beautiful.

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