How and Why makeup remover

makeup remover

If makeup is not removed before going to sleep, the skin can not naturally do this work. It is always advisable to wash your face with mild soap or glycerine before going to bed to remove all makeup. After washing your face with soap and water should rinse again with water removing all traces also of particles of soap.

To have good skin should also wash your face every day when you wake up. This will help remove dead cells and dirt that have accumulated on the pores of the skin overnight.

Before washing with soap and water, should use some of the products designed to remove all traces of makeup. These products are:

  • The cleansing milk. This is the most used to clean the skin before bedtime. Helps remove all makeup particles may remain on the face, including those not seen.
  • Cream makeup removal. Serves the same function as the cleansing milk but it is most appropriate when you have dry skin. For consistency, helps moisturizing the skin while the makeup and clean the accumulated dirt.
  • Wipes pads. They are ideal to carry in your purse and use when not at home. They include wipes and any creams or lotions that used to remove traces of makeup. They sell wipes pads for all skin types, with special creams for oily skin, dry or mixed.
  • Cleansing Water. It is the product most suitable for people with oily skin. In addition to cleaning the face, serve to tone the facial skin. Its action Cleansing is more superficial than using other products.
  • Tonics. They are ideal for application after using a cream or cleansing milk. They give the face a fresh feeling. Can also be get special tonic for oily skin types to help prevent excess shine and fat in the face.
  • Cleansing Gel. For consistency to water, are ideal for people with oily skin. After applying, remove the remains with water. They leave the face with a nice sense of cleanliness and freshness.

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