Home remedy for stye


Stye often suffer from an inflammation which is red and tender to touch us out at the edges of the eyelid that tends to spontaneously avenar shortly. It is a lesion that feels hard and painful nodule.

Infection or inflammation of the sebaceous glands of Zeiss or Moll at the base of the eyelashes.

Indeed it is somewhat uncomfortable and irritating and tends to rub your eyes for the itching, which should be avoided as well as maintaining good hygiene to avoid infection.

To remedy this evil and without having to move a pharmacy to ask about any special cream can always pull the home remedies and life really are very effective, there are many, but I will echo some of them.

To do this you can pour hot water into a common cup of water and place the base of the glass on the stye, so the heat stays longer than using a wrench or ring.

Also common is to apply gauze with hot tea and keep it for a few minutes several times, since the heat to shrink the swelling. Take the opportunity to clean with water and serum several times a day and especially not about makeup.

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