Holiday in love .. Experts presented the latest for women sensitive skin

women sensitive skin

Is Got a sensitive skin? There are indications that if you noticed on your skin You should note that it kind of sensitive, we will give you these indicators and how you deal with them to take care of your skin and get a beautiful view.

How to identify the sensitive skin?

Make sure that your skin type sensitive if you notice the following:

  • Always suffered from infections.
  • Always interact with common household products.
  • Affected by the negative of cosmetics.
  • Are affected by temperature.
  • Get constantly in a state of inflammation and burning sensation or feeling unpleasant.
  • More prone to acne, inflammation and allergies.
  • Easily exposed to irritation, either as a result of the use of creams, soaps, moisturizers, or environmental factors.
  • Redness and itching and burns due to direct exposure to the sun.
  • Swelling of the eyes.
  • Skin rash.

women sensitive skin

Experts said that the skin is not affected only because of genetic factors, but routine life Almtalq skin for everyone, especially when using soap and lotions all aromatic.

What are the best ways to care for sensitive skin?

Use soap or light refreshments:
The detergent-free soap pH of less and less for skin infections, in addition to the species-rich refreshments while taking care to use products free of perfumes.

Avoid washing with water too hot or cold:
Of course be affected if sensitive skin has been cleaned using the water too hot or too cold; as they both have a negative effect raises the sensitive skin, and you must use moderate or warm water instead.

Test each new product and do not use many of them at one time:
You test the product that were used once and you notice what happens, if hit by the skin of any side effects you should stop using it immediately and take care not to use many of the products at one time; because it will lead necessarily to the problems, and you can not identify the product that caused the problem of among them.

The use of products made specifically for sensitive skin:
There are sensitive skin care products everywhere, but you choose the type of instructions to build a good dermatologist who you deal with him until Ttejeri what suits your skin.

Best friend is your skin (SPF):
If you want to suntan or bronze skin, you should use preparations containing component (SPF), a factor preventing the sun’s harmful rays such as ultraviolet radiation, and this will protect Bashterc early appearance of wrinkles and skin cancer.

Water life sensitive skin:
Experts advise owners sensitive skin by drinking plenty of water; because it is one of the best friends, providing hydration and softening of the cells with preventable of microbes.

Not over-clean the face:
May Tzbben to remove the surface layer of protective skin due to cleaning the amounts by which affects the surface of the skin dry, and this because of what they contain detergent materials, alcoholic acids with friction, experts advise every woman to treat her skin is also treated the baby until Tsaadha and protects.

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