Heroic and masculine fragrance

Heroic and masculine fragrance

Some athletes are unique – just like Zinedine Zidane. They are our heroes. They also leave their fingerprint on their sport and their fans. A sign of the extraordinary. They inspire us and give us the confidence to achieve the impossible.

Adidas Intense Touch reflects those qualities reflected in his scent.

The products were developed with and for athletes and inspire us in the footsteps of our role models to come, to leave our own mark and achieve the impossible.

The scent – heroic and inspiring
Intense Touch adidas inspired an elegant fragrance with woody-green, and spicy notes. The subtle top notes with a captivating mix of black pepper, pepper berries, juice and green rosemary. Unite in the heart note accords of apple, kiwi, black tea and tonka bean. Intense and full of self-awareness includes the base notes with aromas of patchouli, cedar and Guaiac wood and masculine leather, sandalwood and musk.

The packaging – smart and sporty elegance
Body care based on the newly launched series of adidas Sport Sensations Intense Touch is presented in an exclusive, black-silver packaging with a sporty, elegant, fashionable matte design. By contrast with the dark background of the bright yellow logo immediately catches the eye.

The flashy, silver fingerprint on the package reflects the concept of blending the inspiring uniqueness. The bottle itself – jet black and opaque – impresses with its extremely masculine, ergonomic design.

The Testimonial – an inspiring hero
The advertising campaign for Adidas Intense Touch Zinedine Zidane will be on display – the new face of personal care products for men, adidas body care.

As an icon of world football Zidane motivated countless young men, to do everything in their sport and seemingly impossible to reach. With his impeccable technique, his determined style of play and his unswerving passion for the sport embodies “Zizou” all the attributes of an exceptional athlete. Even after his retirement from professional sports, he is revered worldwide and continues to inspire active men who aspire to greatness and give it their best at all times.

Available from March 2011
The trade appears adidas Intense Touch in March 2011 and is called eau de toilette, aftershave, shower gel, deodorant body spray and deodorant roll-on will be available. Each of these products Intense Touch reflects the essence of an inspiring, confident athlete with the amazing look of a modern hero.

Adidas Intense Touch
The new Adidas Intense Touch exudes a hint of the extraordinary and heroic masculine fragrance inspired than to follow the example of modern heroes from the world of sports. The elegant creation of a true fascination with fragrant explosion of black pepper and spicy flavors, then the fuse with a blend of kiwi fruit and smoky black tea to create a unique, refreshing fragrance experience.

Top notes: spices, black pepper, green juice and rosemary
Middle notes: apple, kiwi, black tea and tonka bean
Base notes: patchouli, cedar, guaiac wood, leather aromas, sandalwood and musk.

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