Heat, Humidity and hats for hair dangers

 hair dangers


The momentous gesture of putting a hat or cap during the period you are on the beach to protect your head from the sun reaches have negative effects on your hair. If you can defend your hair from the harmful consequences of the sun, the combination of heat and moisture on the surface can be covered is not too beneficial.

As our hair gets brittle and more easily denatured. By which we must take into account immediately after the summer season approaches more damaging to hair loss: the fall. Should prepare for it.

Well here are some beauty tips for dropping your hair:

  • Eat well.
  • Using special sun protection factors for hair and scalp, employees take a half hour before the sun and reapply every 2 or 3 hours and always after a bath.
  • Rinse the hair. – Even after a bath (at sea or pool) and allow the sun to dry before covering with a cap.
  • Avoid pigtails or ponytails while wet.
  • Use moisturizing mask at night after washing my hair.

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