Hair color: all shades of red

Hair color

One of the major trends in hair coloring, the red! Coppery red, Irish red, deep red or mahogany: Cosmo is a small inventory of the most beautiful shades of red hair.

Did you know that red is the color of hair the most rare, far ahead of blond hair and brown hair? For indeed, only 1-2% of the global population has red hair! So if this is your case, you’re sort of an exceptional woman … However, if Mother Nature decided otherwise and gave you a different hair color, know that it is possible to cheat with a Ultra wide range of red.

Red colors are extremely varied: Auburn, Irish red, hair, carrot, copper, mahogany red cherry red or orange are all vibrant tints. To help you choose, one point is clear: Shades juggling between blond and brown have a particularly subtle and rendering is perfectly natural. This is the ideal choice if you have fair skin and blue or green eyes. However, a brunette with brown eyes, the copper tones will be more harmonious. Level coloring, to go from brown to red, no secret is through the discoloration .

The goal? Eliminate dark pigments before adding the red! And good news: Unlike other colors, dyeing bleached hair is not a problem for a red hue as the hair absorbs immediately red pigments. Then impossible to have nasty surprise for the end result. Great color trend of the moment, we find the red manes in the street, but also on the podium and our friends the people. Who does not remember the red locks of sulphurous Rihanna ?

A question arises: For such a passion for this hair color? Maybe because red hair add a touch of eccentricity to any look, they embody the passion and self-confidence? The designers also swear by the coppery red hair. In fact, just the pages of his favorite women’s (Cosmo in mind!) To see that the red dummies are perfectly represented. Then it rolls to the red…

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