Gold mask .. Elixir of youth for the skin

Gold mask


It is known that gold is a precious metal, yellow color, mixed-use development in various fields, in addition to being companion of women to show the beauty and significance to the franchise, but it has not been used before as a mask for the treatment of skin is the metal difficult absorption, but the books of the queens of the Pharaonic civilization revealed the opposite Therefore, it was Queen Cleopatra includes a mask of pure gold on her skin before going to sleep every night and leave it on her face until the morning to keep her skin young.

Dear reader you the benefits of gold and how to use it to keep the skin fresh and bright and attractive, you explain it to built an expert skin green beauty Salon “L Ships” in Jeddah.

Gold mask or the “Elixir of Youth” is a foil of pure gold by 99.9%, ancient medicine used to treat ulcers and vitiligo skin and wrinkles.

Advanced mask
The use of a mask of gold confined Bmlkat civilization of the pharaohs, but it is newly developed by Japanese companies in the form of flakes of 24 carat gold is made of a composite “gamma” to be valid for use with the skin, through initiated by massage special works on moistened, allowing the passage of gold to a depth of the skin and take advantage of it. After the spread of this technology in European countries and America entered the Arab market to satisfy many of the researchers of beauty and youth.

Gold mask

Physiotherapy is
Use the gold mask in ancient medicine to treat skin ulcers, spots and vitiligo, wrinkles and fine lines that Tzaraliha and reduce irritation, as well as freshness and youth to the face and neck, as well as possible use on other parts of the body.

Multiple benefits
To mask the benefits of multiple gold is:

  • Works to restore the vitality and freshness of the areas surrounding the eye, which is characterized by everlasting dark because of fatigue and lack of sleep. Contribute to this mask in a bid to leave refreshed and bright to bestow brighter and attractive to the eye.
  • Helps to purify the skin and restore its youth and hide flaws, so it is suitable for all age groups, especially older women, is also working to increase the smoothness of the skin and make it always shining.
  • Contribute to improving the performance of blood circulation and remove dead cells and the cumulative effects of pollution on the skin, neck and upper chest, as well as re-balance skin color and texture, leading to clarity of the face and purified until it reaches the highest degree of softness.

Gold foil work on renewing the skin cells and tight skin and reduce wrinkles. It also gives luster to the skin and slow down the decrease in collagen and maintains the flexibility found in the skin.

How to use
Are placed layers of very light gold in the form of paper strips on the whole face, then massage until absorbed by the skin and almost disappear. Then enjoy the skin gel contains Hmarat of gold, followed by massage of the face is cream contains large quantities of gold ground, and finally is placed a layer of cream on the basis of containing gold to become the face scintillating.

Session length and the results
Stretching session gold mask than an hour and a half to two hours only, and the results show significantly after the first session, knowing that he is determined number of sessions used by state and type of skin.

What distinguishes the gold mask that does not include any side effects on the skin and does not cause any irritation to her, but provide them with elements to help keep them fresh and bright for many years. Can be used gold mask every month or six months or a year.

You can also young early start to use it to keep their youth before the appearance of any signs of aging or defects and problems in the skin. Can also be applied to the bride on her wedding day gold mask without the need to re-apply after that.

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