Foods for weight loss

weight loss

Many people believe that this may sound tricky but it is not. It is true that there are no miracle food to help lose weight if not reduced food intake and increasing exercise. Overweight is caused by eating more calories than needed, the surplus is stored as fat reserve which is an increase in weight and volume. But there are foods that, in the amount of fiber they contain or how few calories they provide, are a miracle to help lose weight.

The soup comegrasa. – One of these foods is known since time immemorial comegrasa soup but requires going to the market, buy vegetables, cook it and put it in a large bowl to use for at least three days.

Cocoa for weight loss. – The caco shrub native to Central and South American Equatorial has active ingredients, as xanthic, polyphenols and fibers that support the elimination of fat accumulation. In this way contains antioxidant properties and positive action, it comes in capsules and advised to take two capsules at breakfast and lunch.

Four capsules are equivalent to two tablets of 250 grams of black chocolate. These laboratories also have beta carotene, fiber and many more satiating fat burning capsules or liporeductoras.

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