Errors of beauty that we should avoid



Very often perpetrate errors generated imperfections in our face, hair and skin which makes us feel less beautiful and attractive. Since this is given by our ignorance or lack of knowledge, simply by thinking that will not affect us. That’s why this time we present a series of actions you should avoid so as not to affect your beauty.

So we should avoid shaving the face since this act too irritating your skin and generates facial hair grow thicker and provoking procedure to be generated shadows when the hair begins to appear. To avoid this there are different techniques of hair removal that will prevent not only irritate your face, but also give you longer lasting results and make the hair grow so fine or so before shaving.

But if for any reason you made a mistake when plucking eyebrows, then you need to alternate to match them with tweezers, pulling the hairs one by one, to avoid deforming follow. If the damage is very marked, then it is best to turn to a specialized center for them to pintartelas.

With regard to hair, we have to remove all kinds of other shampoo on your head. and drop large amounts of water, so that there is not a single residue, otherwise it will achieve only looks dull and may even cause the appearance of dandruff.

Ultimately, if you painted your hair and did not get the color desired is a must to turn to an expert center for help to correct the error, as this action appears much more difficult than simply painting.

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