Choose your foundation for a flawless complexion

flawless complexion

Choosing the right foundation is crucial if the goal is a perfect complexion. Want a pale complexion, a light complexion, a matte complexion or good looks? Want a mineral foundation, a liquid foundation or compact foundation? You want to hide a button erase redness or protect your skin? Makeup tips and care tips, Cosmo you the secrets of perfect complexion!

How to choose your foundation? That’s a question that is not simple to answer! Know above all that nothing is worth a trip in store: ask for sales consultants, and do not hesitate to ask for samples to test for a few days or the foundations on which you set your heart. Another tip: in stores, when you test a foundation, get out of the store.

flawless complexion

Nothing can replace natural light to judge the color or background Blanket Makeup!

Where to test the foundation?
It is customary to apply the test on the back of the hand or on the wrist … But the complexion of your hands and your wrist is often darker than your face! To test a foundation, apply a small dose … On your face. No other part of your body looks the same or the same color as your face. Hence the importance of asking for samples!

Choosing a color
For optimal results, ALWAYS choose a foundation that perfectly matches the color of your skin.

If you choose a shade of foundation too light, you’ll look like a wax doll mummy.

Conversely, a shade too dark foundation makes you look like a girl who has stayed too long under a UV lamp…

Some tips for choosing your foundation

Ask yourself the right questions: – What you can expect coverage of your foundation? Light, medium or total, each foundation has its specificity. If the packaging does not seem clear, ask again, a sales consultant to enlighten you on the issue. The foundations to the light texture unify the complexion but not conceal. Redness, scars, moles or freckles are clearly visible. The foundation for medium coverage ideal for camouflaging small imperfections. As for foundations to full coverage, as the name suggests, they are especially useful for skin imperfections that need to be magnified. – What type of your skin?

Normal? Mixed? Dry? Fat? The nature of your skin should guide you in choosing your foundation. For example, you can use a moisturizing formula if you have dry skin. Or a mattifying foundation if you have a beautiful shining easily. – How old is your skin? Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin … Choose a foundation formula that will help you, again, to your skin as much in value.

You are now equipped with >> some tips that should help you find, at last! The foundation that suits you perfectly. Check our records on the subject to supplement your knowledge on the subject and discover some possible foundations that match your skin!

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