Change your hair starting image



If you want change of air and especially your image you can choose to start by giving your hair extra touch of color. What’s wrong, you suffer for the health of your hair? Well, quiet you do not have to sacrifice. Since when beauty can not be healthy?

Generally, it says the colors bring life to all that his path is: your home, your clothes or your car. But at first glance you do not observe, the fact is that the color gets rejuvenate the face of others, unconsciously, you will see in more vitality and shine.

But make no mistake because obviously not all colors equally benefit all. But the trick is knowing how to select the color that suits us as the hue of our skin and the color of our eyes. For this reason, it is essential to look for more subtle colors conducive to your skin without palidecerte.

For example brown, dark blonde, mahogany, brown as well … If your eyes are dark, no doubt highlight and do nothing boring “whole.” Well, here we show you some more tips and you can have a hair shiny: So that your hair does not suffer

You should know that:

  • It is recommended to always attend the same hairdresser to set us in the hands of the same professional, that, in general, keep your card or already know that your hair care needs.
  • Avoid coloring your hair every month. The charm of the reflections seen in its naturalness. If every time hovering back to color the root without giving him time, end up with dyed hair and all will be lost the nuances that gave it life.
  • Ideally: to glare or fuses every 3 or 4 months. I sure do not damage your hair. If in your case the problem is the gray hair, the dye can be applied (in case it is necessary to cover all hair) every month.
  • The best advice in all cases is one: subtlety. The nerve is well in very specific cases, but the truth is that in general if you are very dark and you become very blond highlights, contrast can be so artificial that it would lose all charm and even can be a bit vulgar.

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