Beauty Tips Hair Part 2

Tips Hair

Beauty Tip Hair # 17:
Practical solutions with shampoo
If you are traveling, you can take a little more out of your shampoo, and it can be used for the body and even to wash the laundry.

Beauty Tip Hair # 18:
Brittle hair
If you have a hair brittle and easily will form knots along the best way of brushing is to start from the tips and move smoothly to the roots. Always remember to brush your hair with care.

Beauty Tip Hair # 19:
Increased penetration
Applying a mask with proteins in the hair will achieve a greater penetration if after passing a hand dryer, because the effect is much more powerful moisturizer with the heat… This will make the hair look softer.

Beauty Tip Hair # 20:
Beware of anti-dandruff shampoos
If llevaun bath in hair color, avoid washing with antidandruff shampoos, since it has been discovered that in some cases accelerate fading.

Beauty Tip Hair # 21:
Use more natural water
It is recommended to people who have hair when rinsing Conagua delicate spring rain or even (in places where there is not much pollution), because if you use plain water bath, it may contain residues that stick to the hair and give a matte appearance.

Beauty Tip Hair # 22:
For fine hair look thicker
If you have fine hair use, before drying, volumizing spray containing polymers. The heat and swell the hair look thicker.

Beauty Tip Hair # 23:
Change your shampoo
If after applying the shampoo feels rough, perhaps the product you are using is too aggressive and not suitable for your hair type.

Therefore, you should replace it softer.

Beauty Tip Hair # 24
For curly hair
Yes her hair is curly or African type and no product helps soften, try jojoba oil. This I hydrate, soften and give shine.

Beauty Tip Hair # 25:
The paint and comb
After using hairspray do not brush, because it eliminates the product you just applied. Instead, run a comb through her hair gently.

Beauty Tip Hair # 26:
If your hair has been crushed after a few hours, simply tilt your head down and have a brush to trap air and create more volume. (Hint sent by Ana Luisa Rodriguez).

Beauty Tip Hair # 27:
Instant hydration
When your hair feel very dry, you just apply yourself mayonnaise and then cover with a plastic cap for half an hour. Then, rinse your hair well.

Another trick is to apply a mask of avocado and yogurt for 15 minutes, cover with a cap and rinse.

Beauty Tip Hair # 28
Closed split ends
You can use baby oil to close the ends of the hair (split ends), but only temporarily.

Beauty Tip Hair # 29:
To remove the gray instantly
And darken your lashes, masks can also obscure the root of undyed gray hair.

Beauty Tip Hair # 30:
To strengthen hair
Boil 3 basil in a quart of water for 10 minutes. Press the leaves in your hands to extract juice, then strain the liquid and finally to be massaging the scalp. This action should be repeated once a week.

Beauty Tip Hair # 31:
Well abused hair, rub baby lotion (the pink), leaving an hour, then wash the hair with baby wash.

Beauty Tip Hair # 32
To thoroughly clean combs and brushes, you need to fill the sink with warm water to which is added a stream of ammonia. Combs are left in this solution for one hour. Then rinse well with warm water until there is no trace of ammonia. Finally, air dried.

Beauty Tip Hair # 33
To give red highlights to the hair must be put to cook beets and reserve the cooking water resulting from to use as a rinsing the shampoo when you wash your hair.

Beauty Tip Hair # 34
For a successful mastering curly hair, you have to use conditioners not containing any alcohol and to be rich in oil products.

Beauty Tip Hair # 35
Some tricks to get more softness and shine in your hair are:

  • Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with an egg. The mixture then extends through the head and allowed to react for half an hour. After this time, flush with water and then wash the hair.
  • Apply hair mask two and a half avocado bananas well crushed. Then, leave it on for fifteen minutes and rinse then with warm water to get my hair more shine.
  • Use cold water regularly during the last aclaradodel hair.

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