Be Now, in all the beauty counter

beauty counter

After the emergence of bars, eyebrow bars and bars to smile, hair Be Now offers a beauty counter all-in-one! Fancy a haircut, a blow dry, extensions, a manicure or evening makeup? Now Be countertops offer a complete service in the metro, RER, airports and shopping centers …

Why go to a bar eyebrows, then in a bar, hair can be achieved if all our beauty treatments in one place? This is the concept has wanted to develop Be Now with his counters, kiosks and corners.

Different formats depending on their locations, the corners Be Now offer various services related to beauty and relaxation.

Haircut, blow dry, buns, braids, nail polish, manicure, make-up of evening or daytime, facial and eyebrow shaping: the range of services is wide. And Be Now do not forget these gentlemen! Size beard, shave, facial … The men can also be pampered!

The strength of the concept be now, it is able to offer many benefits, especially the formulas very complete! Ladies, you can pay a brushing, touching up makeup and nail polish for only € 32.95, all in 35 minutes.

Only downside for the moment counters Be Now only found in Metro Place de la Madeleine in Paris and La Part-Dieu in Lyon . The brand provides four additional openings by summer. Stay current on the site Be Now!

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