As snuff affects the facial wrinkles

facial wrinkles

As we know the snuff is harmful to health, but often have heard, repeated stubbornly, to the point that an increasing number of people who decide to quit, aware of the irreparable damage that smoking causes in our body.

But what aesthetic side also affected by smoking. Yet those who have spent years doing it, with the passage of time by the contour lines show the upper lip, known as “bar code”. To do this, it is best to denature the cigarette as soon as possible of our lives.

But if the wrinkles are hidden, you must fill them with hyaluronic acid, which at present is the best solution because it is a natural compound that is inserted through small puncture painless throughout the area known as “bar code” that not only corrects wrinkles and creases that already exist, but also prevents the appearance of new wrinkles.

If these wrinkles are superficial, should employ you a special cream to the area around the lips that contains hyaluronic acid. This component, which is so fashionable for beauty creams, is a molecule that has an enormous capacity to retain water in the deeper layers of the skin, which causes the upper layers to tighten and gain volume, being its main advantage being a resorbable material.

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