As remove stains on the face



The spots on our face we tend to be caused by genetics, burns, internal, or liver problems.

So here we recommend:

  • Do not attack the skin scrapes or rawness
  • Do not treat a stain like a mole or vice versa

See, even doctor if you have:

  • Any mole or spot to grow a sizable
  • When it causes pain where the spot or mole has

Homemade recipe to remove stains:

  • Mescla 1 cup watercress juice, 2 tablespoons honey flush. This rub his face, with the fingertips. Scrub the stain, rinse and dry. After 2 or 3 days, replace the job with the tips of the fingers, by the use of gauze.
  • Mescla 2 cups finely chopped cucumber leaves to your juice with 1 liter of white wine. Let stand for 3 days and strain, rub in the face as indicated above.

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