As a massage wrinkle

massage wrinkle


As we know over time causes our skin to become thinner and lose density and wrinkles look deeper. But these changes begin to unfold when it increases our anxiety, because who does not like to wear a young face, thanks to a smooth and free of lines and spots.

That is why our vanity should never fail you an excellent range of anti-aging product selection consists of: anti-aging cleansing cream, a wrinkle serum, an anti-aging and revitalizing cream around the eyes, here we show you three basic steps that will help you pamper your skin:

  • Tone and energize: Runs fast pinching with thumb and forefinger around the face pausing and repeating along each wrinkle.
  • Massage: Apply three drops of the product in the wrinkles massage with circular movements in the front, and with a gentle massage on the lower face for which emplearas fingers and thumb.
  • Smoothing: Apply a pinch of cream with broad touches on the face and neck, then smoothes the skin as if you were “ironing” the wrinkles. With the index finger, up the nasolabial fold to the inner corner of eye, eyebrow and continues down to the temples. Alisa from the forehead to the temples and from the cheeks to the ears, avoiding the area around the eyes. To end takes a deep and broad massage from the neck to the chin.

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