All for beautiful legs and light legs

beautiful legs

Tired of tired legs that make you suffer? Find the best care anti heavy legs, but also tips and advice from the pros to relieve your tired legs. Cosmo faith, it will (really) make you look good!

The phenomenon of heavy legs is mainly due to poor blood circulation.

Genetics, excess weight, lack of exercise, smoking, alcohol or pill may be the reasons for the appearance of this evil. Still, rest assured: the legs are not inevitable. Yes, there are indeed solutions anti legs!

Some simple tips are enough to fight daily against heavy legs.

  • So you can start by banishing your wardrobe tight clothing that compresses your legs. Exit the pants, the boots that grip too the calves or calf socks that cut in half!
  • Avoid sports too violent for your legs, like running. The ideal sport for those who suffer from heavy legs? Swimming, or possibly walking.
  • Do not sit at your desk all day: get up regularly to take a few steps. Above all, do not cross your legs for hours!
  • Do not Tread still flat. For their well-being, your legs need to take a little height.
  • Avoid making saunas, and forget the baths and showers too hot. Exit as excessive sun exposure…

The actions taken in case of heavy legs

  • Finish your shower with a jet of cold water on the legs.
  • Sleep with your feet raised.
  • Drink gallons of herbal teas. At least 1.5 or 2 liters a day to relieve your pain.
  • Treat yourself to a massage regularly. Or massage your legs up and down after your shower.
  • Adopt stockings.

No, it is not sexy … but nothing forces you to reveal your little secret!

  • Finally, you will find pharmacy many creams, gels or lotions specific that relieve heaviness. For best results, remember to keep your cream cool!

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