9 easy ideas to face the winter

face the winter

Winter? I’ll pass like a flower.
I wash my hands
Wash hands several times a day, this is the best way to prevent viruses and to escape the flu or gastroenteritis. If I spend my days in professional meetings, I always in my bag an antibacterial gel that uses no water (Assanis Blue Skin). Ideal to keep your hands after touching fifty nickel doorknobs infected…

I open the windows
Even if freezing outside, I air the room ten minutes before bedtime.

It purifies the atmosphere; the dust clears and renews the air. Two or three times a week, I stick on the head of the bed a patch (Perubore, pharmacy), which broadcasts eucalyptus, pine and thyme. I breathe better! And to limit allergies and rhinitis (the peak of reproduction of mites is to late fall), I purify the air with an antiseptic spray and 100% natural bactericide (Sanitizer Spray with 41 essential oils, Puressentiel).

I concreted with zinc
Zinc is an antivirus barrage. Good idea: make a cure for food supplements (pharmacy). Better yet afford a regular plate of seafood oysters, clams, periwinkles and clams abound in this essential trace element.

Quit Smoking
Smoking weakens the immune system and significantly increases the daily requirement of vitamin C, essential to keep fit. I check the site -info-tobacco full of ideas to help us stop smoking. You are ready to crack? Take care and change your ideas! Play music, brush your teeth, take a stroll.

I breathe the essential oils to prevent winter infections, I trust the virtues of aromatherapy. Essential oils of thyme, peppermint, sage, eucalyptus … are inhaled on a tissue or on the pillow (Mist & Aromatic Plants Phytaroma of Medicine; Respiressence Extrane Spray, Spray respirator to 19 essential oils, Puressentiel).

I arm my gut
The gut is the source of most of our natural defenses, the intestinal flora acting as a barrier against germs. Valuable mechanism to boost this winter, I take probiotics. I find them in cheese, fermented milks and yoghurt (Actimel, Yakult). And if I do not like dairy products, I undertakers (Stimubiotic of Physcience; Bion 3, Merck).

I stand right
When you’re cold, you tend to bend and return the head down. Nothing better to create tension in the back and neck, and feel sluggish.

Whenever I find myself playing the hunchbacked, I raise the shoulders to the ears thoroughly inspiring and I relax while exhaling long. Repeatedly.

I move
Believe that winter is conducive to lethargy was a mistake. On the contrary, physical activity boosts energy and enhances immunity. I choose a sport I love so as not to discourage too fast. I thank abeillesUne full teaspoon of honey every morning is an instant boost.

With B vitamins, it is also good for my skin. Royal Jelly, rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins tonic and euphoric, increases resistance to cold and fatigue. Propolis, butinee on buds, has an antibiotic and antibacterial action. Finally, pollen, with carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids and vitamins, strengthens the body and increases resistance to infection. They are found in the form of food supplements, bulbs, or powders (pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores).

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