5 myths prevalent about Hair Removal .. And realities!!

Hair Removal

Hair Removal is for many women a_khassn affair has a lot of effort and thinking, but there are many ways in which they can choose from including, it may be the process of determining the preferred way to get rid of unwanted hair, is frustrating.

While women talk a lot about hair removal, most of the rumors that revolve around the topic are just myths have no basis in truth, the only thing certain is that when the hair Tnzein your body, you hope that you disappear for as long as possible.

Without doubt, the waxing is the best way to preserve the smoothness of your skin for as long as possible, a process is to remove even the shortest hairs from the roots and retard their growth again. There are a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to machines, waxing, and to dispel some of these myths and misconceptions common, we have collected this list to put an end to your fears.

– Myth 1:
Hair Removal Machines Shavers is
Fact: It may seem Machines Hair Removal Shaving Kmakinat, but this is not true at all, Fmakinat Hair Removal works to remove hair from the roots, unlike shavers that cut off the hair from the surface

– Myth 2:
Hair Removal Machines cause the return of hair growth thicker than ever before.

Fact: On the contrary, but the machines tend hair from the roots, leading to the return of the growth of capillaries smoother and less thickness of the hair shaved, to enjoy smooth skin texture baste.

Hair Removal

– Myth 3:
Machines do not fit the waxing sensitive skin

Truth: in fact, the machines are the best hair removal for women who possess a sensitive skin, and unlike wax, the tongs at the top of the waxing machine does not attract direct to the skin when you remove the hair, so it has less effect on the skin. The process of hair removal using the machine the best choice for hot or cold seasons, which may cause irritation during waxing your skin.

– Myth 4:
You have to wait for 5 to 6 weeks before the hair is ready to remove it again.

Truth: Unlike sweet and wax, can be used to machine, “Brown Silk Ebel Xsebresev” Braun Silk-Epil Xpressive Epilator erosion along the 0.5 mm, is fitted with a system works to raise the hair and its liberation from the skin and then remove it smoothly, even for short hair or hair flat.

In fact, the machine Silk-epil Xpressive can get rid of the hair short (0.5 mm) seven times better than the use of wax hair removal, which means more accurately and faster without the need to pass the machine many times on the same spot of skin.

– Myth 5:
Electrical Machines Hair Removal Hair Removal fit of the legs only.

Fact: Hair Removal Machines provides a comprehensive solution to remove body hair from head to toe, and the machine comes Silk-epil Xpressive equipped with various accessories that are specially designed to give you great results for the different parts of the body, such as the face.

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